William McLoughlin – Barrister & Senior Consultant, Argent Business Consultants

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    William McLoughlin BL is a barrister specialising in regulatory compliance, data protection, employment, planning and judicial review. He is the founder of Argent Business Consultants, www.argentbusinessconsultants.ie, a data protection and employment consultancy firm that provides solutions to all data protection related matters; from developing policies and procedures to data breaches and litigation strategies.

    Before entering law, William was an account manager for a large multinational telecommunications company then set up his own retail chain in the conveyance and fast food industries.

    William is cross qualified in business studies and marketing, banking and investment operations compliance and was the 2016 Global Securities Operations Irish Winner presented by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments, London.

    William also lectures on Data Protection and GDPR, having developed two third-level diploma courses in two separate colleges and also delivering a bespoke Continued Professional Development (CPD) course to a leading Irish law firm on Data Protection Litigation in Practice.


    Title: Data Protection litigation and (class action) lawsuits

    Synopsis: GDPR and the new Data Protection Bill/Act 2018) places a huge legal burden on data controllers and processers so you need to know how to react, respond and defend against a data breach in order to reduce your liability to data subjects. There is a new wave of litigation coming, including potential class action lawsuits.

    The implementation of GDPR affects employers’ responsibilities to their employees (not just under data protection legislation but under employment law) so employers need to know how to pre-empt potential employee problems that may be caused by GDPR and avoid any resulting employment claims.




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