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    Sinead Peris is an IT, multimedia Project and Change Manager leading end to end software development and roll out programs. She has  20 years  of experience of leading international transformation programs with cross  functional and inter disciplinary teams of solution architects, business analysts, UX designers, software developers, testers, release managers, product trainers and post go live support. Sinead is passionate about collaborating with clients and end users to design, build, test and deploy cutting-edge, enterprise-class web and mobile applications. An in her spare time is a member of  the Coolmine musical society,  a translator of German and French, “wannabe children’s TV presenter” and  soccer mom.


    Title: Selling technology to the Internal customer

    Synopsis: In technology, we are all acutely aware of servicing an external  customer – these are  the people who make the purchase,   use our products,  if we’re lucky they evangelise about the  usefulness of our products and services. They are our raison d’etre as they sign the check, ultimately making our existence possible. External customers are precious,  as they  have the purchasing power, but if they don’t like your product or service can take their business elsewhere.  We all take great care to please our customers, even over deliver and we try to come up with incentives to upsell, or discounts to ensure customer retention.


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