Gerard Tannam – Founder & CEO, Islandbridge Brand Development

    • Gerard Tannam – Founder & CEO, Islandbridge Brand Development's presentations

    Gerard, a strategic planner and brand builder, has a soft spot for the all important but often ignored customer. His company, Islandbridge brand Development was set up in 2004 to work closely with clients to develop a brand framework and tool kit which helps them build new relationships and strengthen existing ones, gain competitive edge and grow their business.

     Islandbridge has built bridges to market with Quinn Downes, Atlantic Projects Company, Advanced Manufacturing Ireland, McGowan Print, Topaz and Maldron Hotels.

    Presentation Title: Building Bridges To Your Market

    The talk aims to leave attendees with:
    – A clear sense of how a brand works (in particular how it bridges the gap between buyer and seller)
    – A basis on which to assess their Best Customers in their traditional markets
    – A basis on which to draft a profile of their Best Customers in new markets & determine which market(s) is most likely to contain new Best Customers


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