David Bristol – Business Consultant, Avocor

  • A graduate from the University of Liverpool, David is a forward-thinking individual with a passion for technology. In his role as a consultant for Avocor, one of the fastest growing collaboration display brands, globally, David is responsible for facilitating clients in their decisions to deploy technology to improve collaboration and productivity within the workplace.


    Title: Exploring the changing face of the modern workforce

    The world of work is changing… The average employee spends up to 95% of their working day in meetings. The normal 9-5 working day is almost non-existent as we carry our ‘office’ in our palms. Over the last decade there has been a 50% increase in “collaboration intensity”. But what is collaboration? Why is collaboration in the workplace important? Where can collaboration happen? Fluid collaboration depends on the provision of dedicated spaces for collaborators to meet and share, physically and virtually. Discover how your business can benefit from the latest digital collaboration Tools.


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