Ciara McMenamin – Senior Legal Analyst & Assoc, Pramerica Legal Services

    • Ciara McMenamin – Senior Legal Analyst & Assoc, Pramerica Legal Services's presentations

    Ciara McMenamin is responsible for the day-to-day management and leadership of Pramerica Legal Services and the Subsidiary Governance team, which form part of Prudential’s Law, Compliance, Business Ethics and External Affairs (LCBE) department.

    Ciara, a qualified Barrister, was called in the top 10% of all Barristers in her year and has worked in the legal industry for over 11 years. Prior to joining Pramerica, Ciara worked with one of Ireland’s leading Senior Counsels on many high-profile cases and published work in various national publications.

    Presentation title: Legal Tech: In-house legal practice management, from BA to Lawyer

    Our presentation focuses on how our in-house legal practice is managed.  We have worked with in-house technologists to develop a multi-functional application which is used by over 750 people. Our lengthy collaboration has led to many efficiencies for both the technologists involved and the lawyers in the way they conduct work, as well as large scale efficiencies and process improvements for our ultimate clients.



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